DIveIN Conference

According to Audit Scotland 7% of the workforce declared that they are from an ethnic minority. Although some improvements are being made, racial inequality in still highlighted as a key issue in recruiting and retaining staff.

The DIveIN conference will provide attendees with opportunity to ask those difficult questions in a safe space and leave with practical and actionable changes that they can make to improve their organisations ED&I plan. Hear from thought leaders, change makers and key organisation on real life experiences, case studies and leadership examples.


This conference will give organisations the opportunity to develop their D&I journeys for their organisation. This conference goes beyond a one-day event with an offer of check in sessions throughout the year and re-grouping annually. This is a partnership we want to create with industry to support them and work collaboratively.


This partnership welcomes all to attend however, it would be best placed if you are leading on your organisations D&I programme with good understanding of your companies D&I policy. We do also encourage multiple organisation representation to join so you can use the session to strategise together effectively.



  • 10.00: Arrival and Refreshments
  • 10.15: Welcome from BE-ST
  • 10.30: Ollie Folayan- Opening Keynote
  • 11.00 : Second Keynote Speaker
  • 11.30: Panel & Q&A led by Radiant and Brighter
  • Panel members include
  • Amos Simbo - Founder and Managing Director of Winway Services and BPIC Network
  • 12.30: Lunch break with optional factory tours
  • 13.15: Workshop 1: Ethic of Ethnic Diversity
    • In this session, Visiting Professor and Engineer, Ollie Folayan will describe the Diversity and Inclusion landscape and define the place of race and ethnicity within that landscape. The nature of racism will be described through the lens of history. Folayan will provide a summary of disparities within the engineering sector, and he will provide tips for becoming an ally of Ethnic Diversity. Folayan will also highlight the many ways in which technological innovations have always relied on diversity.
  • 14.15: Workshop 2: Led by Pheona and Micheal Matovu from Radiant and Brighter.
    • This workshop will explore ethnic inclusion and diversity in relation to workplace culture. It will provide a space for participants to discuss meaningful and sustainable organisational change. Applying critical thinking and reflective activities it will give attendees the opportunity to consider the benefits and challenges of individual and collective action within the workplace environment.
  • 15.15: Conclusion and outputs
  • 15.30: Close

Why attend?

  • Receive hands-on advice & coaching for your professional development 
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the skills, qualities and competencies required to be a successful leader
  • Hear from senior Ethnic Minority leaders on how to succeed 
  • Network with peers from across the industry who are also trying to further their careers



DIveIN Conference

Thursday 29th February 2024, 10am - 3pm