Heat, Housing and the Future of Net Zero Homes

The Scottish Governments Heat in Buildings Bill Consultation has set out ambitious statutory fuel poverty reduction targets, and measures to eliminate heating systems which burn fossil fuels.

Holyrood’s new annual ‘Heat, Housing and the Future of Net Zero homes’ one day conference will explore what practical steps are necessary to deliver a greater supply of affordable housing, whilst adhering to the more stringent energy standards (such as the ban on direct emissions heating systems) coming into force in 2024.

This event is being hosted in partnership with Sustainable Scotland Network (SSN) and the Edinburgh Climate Change Institute (ECCI).

Panel sessions include:

  • Scottish housing: from urgence to resurgence
  • What will ongoing energy reforms mean for Scotland’s housing sector?
  • Overcoming the barriers to achieving a green housing sector
  • Building Momentum for Net Zero Home

Bringing together loc local authorities, housing associations and members of the Scottish Government, this event will set out key areas of focus and action needed to deliver a future of truly sustainable Net Zero homes.

Heat, Housing and the Future of Net Zero Homes

21 March 2024 - 10:00 - 3.30pm