Passivhaus Made Simple

Passivhaus Made Simple

The third show of the 2024 Green Home Festival is aimed at self-builders interested in building a certified Passivhaus home, and is also relevant for small-to-medium construction companies who want to implement a similar business model.


During the session, Coldwells Build and John Gilbert Architects will demonstrate how they’ve simplified Passivhaus delivery for self-builders through the power of collaboration. Coldwells Build will also discuss the launch later this year of their own Passivhaus range – the first of its kind in Scotland – which offers modern, prefabricated homes built to world-class standards.


The show will cover a number of different areas, including:


What is Passivhaus?
An introduction to Passivhaus and why it’s the world’s leading building standard for energy-efficient homes. Find out how it was developed in the 1980s by the German physicist, Wolfgang Feist, who set out to investigate why low-energy buildings weren’t delivering on their expected potential and applied his findings to create a physics-based method for building extraordinary, high-performance homes. The show will discuss some of the 65,000 Passivhaus buildings worldwide and why it’s fast-becoming a popular choice for UK self-builders.


How does it work?
Gain an insight into why Passivhaus homes are so insulated, airtight and well ventilated, and how they maintain a comfortable temperature year-round, with no draughts or cold spots. The show will also reveal why the houses have minimal heating needs and why they use 75% less energy than the ‘average’ home built today.


Simplifying Passivhaus delivery for self-builders
Building a Passivhaus can be complex, from finding and hiring certified architects and contractors to design choices, material selections and layout decisions. For busy people who want the world’s best energy-efficient home, it’s a big commitment. Coldwells Build and John Gilbert Architects have spent two years, distilling 3,000+ decisions into one convenient package – the Coldwells Build Passivhaus. Find out how they did it.


The Coldwells Build Passivhaus – what is it?
Find out more about the new Passivhaus certified homes, which are pre-designed, economical and offer honest pricing. With streamlined delivery and fast build speeds, they’re designed to be future-proof and ready for both net-zero targets and Scotland’s Passivhaus equivalent standard. As well as discussing the homes’ design, the show will also outline discounted green mortgages.

Passivhaus Made Simple

13 August 2024 - 11:00 AM