Retrofit Explained: The Right Way to Deliver Retrofit

Retrofit Explained: The Right Way to Deliver Retrofit

If you’re confused by the term “retrofit” and don’t know where to begin, then join us as a surveyor, architect and builder talk through what it means in practice and outline the right approach to a retrofit project for your home.


With homeowners and other potential retrofit clients confused over the process and the way public funding schemes work, the show will begin with an explanation of the context around retrofit today.


Using case studies, our three construction professionals will cover the roadblocks to retrofit and the pitfalls to be avoided. You’ll learn what a whole building retrofit could entail, as well as the importance of retrofitting for sustainability and energy efficiency.


While the main focus will be domestic retrofit whole house projects, our three construction professionals have experience in delivering retrofit across various building types and large-scale retrofit projects. You’ll therefore learn more about their roles in delivering retrofit as follows:

  • The role of a surveyor: Aythan Lewes will cover detailed building assessments, structural integrity, assessment of existing systems – including insulation, wall thickness, building material type and HVAC – providing key information for the consumer and other experts, energy performance analysis and identification of areas needing improvement, data collection and reporting, and laying the groundwork for design and planning.
  • The role of an architect: Joanne McClelland will touch on designing retrofit solutions and improving energy efficiency, detailed drawings and guidance through the e-planning service, ensuring compliance with building codes, integrating surveyor data into design, balancing functionality, sustainability and aesthetics, and collaborating with builders to ensure feasibility.
  • The role of a builder: Paul Dempsey will explain how professional builders work with surveyors, architects and homeowners in the execution of retrofit plans. Examples will include structural modifications, fabric and system upgrades – including HVAC, electrical, plumbing, insulation, double glazing and clean heating systems – ensuring safety and compliance during construction and managing project timelines and budgets.


Good retrofit is a collaborative process which, when done right, can achieve effective decarbonisation of homes. The show will therefore conclude with a case study on how effective collaboration delivers good retrofit, illustrating how to go about it.


There will also be time for a question and answer session at the end.

Retrofit Explained: The Right Way to Deliver Retrofit

12 August 2024 - 11:00 AM