The Herald & GenAnalytics Diversity Dialogue with Crown Estate Scotland

The importance of Diversity and inclusion is now firmly embedded into mainstream business practice. However, to ensure progress continues to be made and that an ability exists for organisations to track measures and recognise success, it is now important to look beyond day-day diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Crown Estate Scotland is showing leadership in this space by exploring how it can truly embed diversity and inclusion in its new corporate strategy. This diversity dialogue will open high level discussions on how organisations can really transform the way they serve their customers and communities. We’ll hear from Crown Estate Scotland who manage land and property across Scotland, along with those leading the way as we discuss accountability within an organisation’s board and leadership team for diversity and inclusion, the realistic goals that organisations can set, and visibility of this to customers and wider society. Further speakers to be announced.

Who is the event for?

This event is open to all who wish to cultivate the culture of inclusion from the very heart of their business, as well as those who identify with marginalised protected characteristics to share their lived experiences and what they want to see more of from companies and organisations throughout Scotland.

What will you take away?

• Working practices to move forward and embed diversity in the strategic thinking of your business.
• Pooled knowledge and experience from a diverse array of participants.
• Networking with like-minded peers and increasing your DE&I network


Tickets are priced at £45+VAT.

The Herald & GenAnalytics Diversity Dialogue with Crown Estate Scotland

Thursday March 28 2024, 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM