4 edge timber planer

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Why choose the 4 edge timber planer?

Our 4 edge timber planer utilises the latest technology to quickly and accurately plane timber beams down to size and ensures a flat, even finish and perfectly right-angled sections.

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The machine setup is fully automated so that the operative only needs to enter the desired dimensions and let the planer do the rest.


For many operations it is essential for timber to be planed, whether there is a requirement for all four sides to be planed or require perfect right angles after the timber has been processed, our 4 edge timber planer offers a versatile approach.


Particularly beneficial to the production of engineered wood products such as CLT or Glulam, which rely upon the component parts being even and square.

  • Automation: A single operative can efficiently and accurately produce perfectly planed timber repeatedly. The intuitive interface enables operatives to produce high quality finished timber.


    Safety: With an intuitive control system operatives will never be in danger throughout the timber plane process.


    Adaptability: Capable of changing finished dimensions settings quickly with the added benefit of clear visualised laser guidance indicating finished section size.


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Technical information

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