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Why choose the CNC router?

Our CNC router offers a flexible, automated solution for a range of manufacturing needs. This machine enables organisations to reduce labour costs, create less waste and improve operating capacity and efficiency. Utilising the latest technology, users can experience a precise, safe and user-friendly experience for a range of projects. 

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Our CNC router is capable of processing timber, composites, laminates and non-ferrous metals, among other materials. This creates flexible solutions for processing applications such as sheet material cutting, cladding panels, 3D profiling, general woodworking, exhibition stands, interiors, plastic fabrication, metal fabrication, foam modelling and more.

  • Automation: the automated CNC Router can accurately repeat tasks fed from a digital design or CAD model without the need for manual input.
  • Accuracy: this state-of-the-art technology allows for intricate processes to be performed with ease. If the design is drawn to the correct scale measurements, then the router can efficiently execute the task. 
  • Safety: fitted with all relevant safety features and through remote operation (minimal reliance on manual input) this machine offers a higher quality product with reduced risk to the operator.
  • Reduced labour costs: The automated nature of this machine allows constant and reliable production from a single operator. 
  • Flexibility: in built memory provides the ability for this machine to access numerous programmed operations at the click of a button meaning your organisation can focus on a range of projects simultaneously.

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