Collaborative robotics suite

Collab Robot 3 Small
Collab Robot 2

Why choose the collaborative robotics suite?

Our collaborative robots are designed to execute tasks that have been typically impractical to automate with traditional industrial robots. Providing high performance automation our Collaborative Robotics Suite offers flexible solutions for your manufacturing needs. In addition, the Collaborative Robots can offer an introduction to advanced robotic programming within a safe working environment.

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Our collaborative robots feature 6 or 7-axis robot arms that can manoeuvre into tight spaces and with built-in force sensing capabilities, operate in working environments alongside humans.

Networked as a collaborative pair, 2 of our robots can signal each other and conduct complex multi-stage operations.

Capable of controlling applied force, they can deal with intricate and delicate processes.

In addition, no programming knowledge is initially required to begin using our collaborative robotics suite.

  • Automation: Our collaborative robotics suite will perform tasks repeatedly and efficiently.
  • Flexibility: Range of attachments available for different operations and built-in force sensors offering the ability to deal with intricate and varied processes. The robots are also capable of performing a quick change over from a variety of saved tasks.
  • Collaborative: Capable of working alongside humans with reduced safety risks.
  • Simplicity: No programming knowledge required to begin creating and executing processes and tasks.

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Technical information

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