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Why choose the industrial robot?

The robotic cell houses our industrial scale KUKA KR Quantec Robotic Arm. Our most versatile offering, it provides a diverse range of applications. With high performance automation our Industrial Robot creates a flexible solution for your manufacturing needs, offering unrivalled precision, performance and efficiency. With the ability to replicate real life factory conditions and scale, the industrial robot allows users to prototype and test new processes for direct deployment within industry.

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Working with our trained operatives, new processes can be trialled within a controlled factory environment. 

The flexibility of the industrial robot provides the capabilities to complete a range of applications including assembly, material handling, CNC machining, metal fabrication and welding, moulding, packaging, test and inspection, loading and unloading, packaging and more.

  • Prototyping: The wide range of applications available provide the opportunity to test and prototype different processes and methods.
  • Precision: Thanks to its specially designed mechanical system, the robotic arm can achieve maximum reproducibility and optimised cycle times. 
  • Efficiency: The ability to automatically select a variety of tooling heads and processes allows for multiple operations to be completed within one programme. 
  • Automation: The automated and pre-programmed processes reduce the need for manual input or multi shift work patterns.

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