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Why choose the masonry casting press?

Our masonry casting press is the answer for those seeking flexible, low-cost manufacturing of quality masonry and concrete products. The press offers users the opportunity to work with compact equipment equivalent to multi-million-pound production facilities at a scale relevant for testing, batch runs and prototyping.

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The Masonry casting press is an all-in-one brick machine, block machine and concrete mixer, with the capacity to manufacture a range of products including pavers, patio stones, tiles, siding & cladding, roof tiles and more.

With its multiple capabilities and production line flexibility it is easily the most cost-effective manufacturing system for masonry and concrete products available to the construction industry ( 


  • Prototyping: Perfectly sized to enable prototyping and testing of new products and processes. 
  • Reduced costs:  Ability to manufacture bespoke items with low tooling costs.  
  • Flexibility: Multiple capabilities and production line flexibility can cater for a range of masonry and concrete products. 
  • Efficiency: Has the potential to produce more than 100 hollow blocks or 1,000 bricks every hour. 

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