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Why choose the offsite manufacturing cell?

Our Offsite manufacturing cell comprises three key components: framing station, multi-function bridge and tilting transfer tables. This combination enables a single operative to complete a range of timber framing processes within a single station. In addition to requiring less space, time and cost than traditional methods, our Advanced Offsite Manufacturing Cell completes processes with higher accuracy, quality, consistency and efficiency compared to manual framing methods.

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The offsite manufacturing cell provides users the opportunity to develop new systems, products and processes.

Capable of manufacturing a range of timber frame panels and cassettes including wall, floor and roof elements from various materials such as solid timber, engineered wood products and a variety of sheathing materials.

  • Prototyping: Develop new systems, products and processes.
  • Training: Ability to develop skilled operatives capable of utilising offsite manufacturing techniques and processes.
  • Automation: Single operative capable of completing a range of processes quickly, accurately and consistently. The state-of-the-art software and technology enable operatives to produce high quality products every time.  
  • Flexibility: Capable of producing various timber frame elements in various dimensions from a wide range of materials.

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