Optimising saw

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Why choose the optimising saw?

Our optimising saw offers efficient measuring, cutting and marking of timber members. Working in conjunction with offsite construction processes, the reliability, speed and accuracy of the preparation of raw materials is essential. The optimising saw is key in delivering this output.

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Our optimising saw offers high-speed timber processing utilising automatic calculation from electronic cutting lists.

Primarily used for cutting solid timber and engineered wood products, beams to length (and for defect cutting) through a quick and accurate process

  • Automation: A single operative can efficiently, safely and accurately process large volumes of timber. 
  • Flexibility: Our optimising saw is compatible with a wide range of material dimensions.
  • Accuracy: The state-of-the-art software and technology enables operatives to produce high quality products every time.
  • Reduced waste: Optimised cutting of timber ensure offcuts are kept to a minimum.

Optimising saw in use:

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