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Why choose the vacuum press

Our vacuum press is the only one of its kind in the UK and offers users the opportunity to create a range of panel products through the consistent and efficient vacuum process. Designed for optimal performance, the Vacuum Press offers exceptional planarity and uniformed 9.5 t/m2 pressure, guaranteeing a high-quality finished product. As a result, no deformation will occur within press and panels will receive an even amount of pressure throughout.

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Capable of processing a range of panel types and sizes our Vacuum Press offers exceptional flexibility in what you can produce.

The low investment costs associated with our vacuum press will enable your organisation to take a gradual approach to CLT and panel production in general. The low automation in the early stages of development can be increased as demand for your product rises within the market.

Organisations of all types can utilise the vacuum press. Whether you are a large-scale building company or a small family run organisation looking to launch innovative and new products, our Vacuum Press can enable your organisation to grow and reach new markets.

  • Versatility: The vacuum press allows users to create a range of products including cross laminated timber (CLT) panels, box beams, SIP panels, 3D formed panels and more.
  • Quality & consistency: The potential to produce CLT panels suitable for non-visible and visible finished surfaces in a consistent manner.
  • Flexibility: Capable of handling various panel shapes and sizes: maximum panel width 3.0m, maximum panel length 13.0m, maximum panel height 300mm.
  • Unique: Only one of its kind in the UK. 

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