BE-ST supports more than 2000 jobs in 2023 and generates more than £1 billion in additional revenue since inception

BE-ST's 2023 Impact Report finds that the innovation centre has made a significant positive impact for the construction and built environment sectors in the last year.

BE ST Passivhaus In Practice Training Enhances Jobs In 2023

The annual impact report reveals that across 46 projects BE-ST has supported the generation of over £4 million of additional revenues for its industry and public sector partners, while saving an estimated 115,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions.


Over the reporting period (August 22 to August 23), BE-ST has also secured nearly £500,000 in investment from industry and £1.3 million from public sector for projects focused on decarbonising the built environment which support positive social and economic outcomes such as the enhancement of 2350 jobs through the delivery of training initiatives and the creation of 54 jobs.


Since its establishment in 2014, BE-ST projects have generated £1.8 billion in revenues, contributing to the creation and enhancement of over 12,000 jobs, and introducing more than 800 new products, services, and business models to the market. During this period, the innovation centre has also attracted nearly £50 million in investment from industry and the public sector.


BE-ST remains committed to delivering its mission of accelerating the built environment's just transition to a zero carbon built environment through projects, programmes, platforms, and partnerships. The main areas of impact it aims to influence are to cultivate a skilled and diverse workforce, fortify supply chain capacity, safeguard and create green jobs and businesses, and foster green economic growth across built environment sectors.


Over the past year, BE-ST expanded its reach through strategic partnerships with the public sector, industry, and academia, including collaborations with the National Robotarium and Changeworks. The team also hosted the second BE-ST Fest, evolving from a one-day conference to a two-day event made up of the Summit Day, the first International Retrofit Conference, and the Accelerate to Zero Awards.


Explore the full Impact Report here.

The 2023 impact report demonstrates our commitment to bringing about positive change for society and the climate through the built environment. These figures represent tangible progress toward sustainability and decarbonisation and that we are set on a path with each of our partners to continue to deliver and multiply on all of these positive outcomes. Stephen Good