Revolutionising the approach to retrofit and building upgrades

The consortia of seven partners behind ALCHEMAI will deliver the project across 12 demonstrator sites to determine what are the best scalable and accessible building upgrades that minimise CO2 emissions and improve the comfort level and integrity of the buildings.  

By showcasing the benefits and potential of Digital Twins, ALCHEMAI aims to generate demand and support the low carbon economy in alignment with the UK Government’s broader net-zero strategy. It will also enable local authorities and occupants of non-domestic buildings to make informed decisions on investments in building improvements that maximise impact, save money and reduce carbon. 

This is an exciting project that for the first time creates a coordinated study across a diverse range of building typologies. The smart technology, analysis and tools created during the ALCHEMAI project will provide reliable and accurate data to enable retrofit at scale across the country and help those most in need of quality, sustainable improvements. Matthew Paton
Impact Manager, BE-ST

Project partners