Passivhaus in Practice

Design, build, succeed in Passivhaus

Are you ready for 2024?

From December 2024, all new housing in Scotland will be built to the highest energy efficiency standards: a Scottish Passivhaus equivalent. Are you ready for it?

Passivhaus is an ultra low energy building standard. Passivhaus in Practice has already upskilled 1000+ people in Passivhaus, with face-to-face training delivered at BE-ST’s Innovation Factory.

BE-ST | Coaction | Passivhaus Trust endorsed

Passivhaus Practical Training

Alongside Coaction, we are delighted to offer Passvihaus Practical Training endorsed by the Passivhaus Trust.

During the day our hands-on activities will give you rapid upskilling of:

  • Designing for construction: what’s really needed to get it right and what are the consequences of not doing it well
  • How to assess the risks in a design.
  • What can go wrong, how to avoid it, and remedial work; learn from our experience and mistakes!
  • What good looks like: airtightness, insulation and more.
  • What it takes to achieve airtightness.
  • Impact of sequencing and material choices on build quality.

Upskill your construction team

This immersive one-day course is designed to take your construction skills to the next level and experience Passivhaus in action.

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