Scotland’s largest Cross Laminated Timber building

Tim Yoker (1)

A milestone in Scottish timber

Situated in Yoker, Scotland, this development marked a national milestone as Scotland’s first and tallest multi-story cross laminated timber (CLT) building.


The project, which CCG led and BE-ST supported, used the renewable resource to build a modern, sustainable residential building on Ellerslie Road. The structure rises to 7 storeys, incorporating 42 flats with views over the River Clyde. The whole project came to an overall value of over £600,000.


The carbon captured


CLT benefits from being durable, carbon-catching and renewable. The development used 1240m3 of CLT, equating to 757 tonnes of CO2 removed from the earth’s atmosphere. By using naturally renewable resources converted in a factory using digital approaches, the construction industry can produce energy and material-efficient buildings through enhanced levels of productivity, minimal waste and carbon sequestration. This directly responds to the declared climate emergency and correspondingly supports Scotland’s net zero carbon ambitions while still delivering high quality developments on a large economic scale.


Furthermore, the construction phase benefitted from the use of CLT in terms of reduced erection/construction time, reduced material wastage – only 200kg per plot – as well as improved airtightness, acoustics and thermal performance, exceeding the minimum requirements


The entire seven-storey superstructure was erected wind and watertight in a net period of just 16 weeks.


Managed responsibly, the natural capital of Scotland can underpin its prosperity and create a built environment that positively influences the health and wellbeing of its occupants. 


storeys tall


tonnes of CO2


weeks to be wind and watertight




project value

  • CCG
  • BE-ST
  • Napier University
  • University of Glasgow
  • Mast Architects
  • Stora Enso
  • Eurban

Total Project Value - £606k
BE-ST Contribution - £60k