Ep. 101: Retrofit Balsall Heath with John Christophers

Retrofit Balsall Heath with John Christophers

This series we are taking a look at inspiring examples of community driven and place based retrofit initiatives. In this episode Sara, part of the retrofit team at BE-ST, hears from John Christophers, an architect and passionate retrofit and social justice advocate, all about Retrofit Balsall Heath, where their aim is to see no one left behind in their community. Oh and insulation? Though it might feature later, this scheme has bigger ambitions.


Find out more about Retrofit Balsall Heath.


Sara also speaks to the head of retrofit programmes at BE-ST, Caitriona Jordan, and sets out why BE-ST are focusing on retrofit. Go here for more information. And don’t forget to access all the excellent Low Carbon Learning resources available on our Learning Hub 


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