Ep 103: Neighbourhood Transitions with Civic Square

Neighbourhood Transitions with Civic Square

Retrofit is a complex area. And making the ideas around it meaningful for people is an area that has been underserved for a long time. But here’s a way to approach it.


Civic Square is a public square, neighbourhood lab, and creative and participatory platform focused on regenerative civic and social infrastructure. We spoke with Magda Petford, Dream Matter Designer, and Charlotte Bailey, Dream Matter Storyteller, about the work they have been doing in Ladywood in Birmingham with the community there.


You can find out more about their work at: https://civicsquare.cc/about/


We mentioned a number of things on the podcast, and here are some links to those:

Doughnut Portrait: https://doughnuteconomics.org/stories/33

The Good News of B16: https://issuu.com/civicsquare/docs/gnob16-issue1-reprint-low-singles

Donella Meadows – LeveragePoints: https://donellameadows.org/a-visual-approach-to-leverage-points/

Centric Lab: https://www.thecentriclab.com/

Generous Waste: https://www.instagram.com/generouswaste/

Centre for Alternative Technology: https://cat.org.uk/


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